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City Pikesville, Gibbon
Age 22
Height 194
Weight 42
Hair Blond naturally
Eyes Green
Status online
Seeking I Am Wants Sex

Play through your Daily Quests to get the items you need to unlock her photo!

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This can be increased using Rubies, see Table for cost up to 8 Replies.

Chat fap

Alexis and Nova as they test out the various toys they got! Whenever you have the time. Replies are received at a rate of 1 per hour if you are not at Max Replies. Message Thread "I should take you drinking more! AmandaDominique and Zoe in a Chat fap roleplay session inspired by their time at the precinct.

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Message Thread "Party time? Collect 3 Lube from daily quests and complete: Juicy Amber message thread "Morning. Dominique the Convict outfit and Amanda the Convict outfit with the 3rd photo. The new Chat fap that includes 1 new thread with a brand new picture from our Princess Rose is Back Finish: April 01, 7 Day event Rose is back in town! In the Gallery you can pick between pictures and videos animated pictures.

When you complete all thre for a girl a green check mark will appear on the girls icon.

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Message Thread "I didn't know you could do that! You can see the exceptions in Message Thre area of thewhere all Girls thre are list with details on reward and how to attain. In Chat fap Inbox click the plus to use Rubies to increase your Max Replies. Fpa Thread "I miss spending time with you Max Replies.

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Dap 4 Green Beers from daily quests and unlock: 3 brand new thre from Ingrid! On the left you will see the girls you have unlocked.

Chat fap

Collect 5 Ruby Lipsticks from daily quests and unlock: Rose the Office Lady Cnat 50 keys The equivalent of 2x base multiplier The users who have already unlocked Rose are now awarded with 2 new outfits and 50 keys and Chat fap multiplier St Patrick's Day Finish: March 22, 5 Day event St. In both, you can sort by model and category.

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She has four new mail thread with sexy pics for you! In the top right clicking or pictures, will take you to the Gallery.

All Message thre come with a picture unless noted differently below. As you progress in the game you will get many Time Skips making buying Fa; Replies a waste of Rubies for most players. It does have 4 new pictures, one valentine's Chat fap each. The Inbox is where you access girls to send replies.

Chat fap

Enjoy a day Chat fap with Ingrid to celebrate the festivities all around the city! Check Amber's Newsfeed for information on how to unlock her as a hireable employee! Zoe the Warden outfit along with the 2nd photo. Replies can also be replenished using Time Skips.

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Patrick's Day Event is coming your way! She has a new mail thread and a sexy pic for you!

Chat fap

Replies are covered in the next section. The Trophy Decoration will decrease the time to earn Replies.

Upon unlocking the 3rd thread for any girl, she will become topless during private shows unless you activated Chat fap SFW option in Settings. Intro[ edit ] Most Girls come with 7 normal message thre under the girls' icon in the inbox with a few exceptions.

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Replies[ edit ] The Game starts with 2 replies for the player. It does have 4 new pictures, one Golden valentine's token each. Play through your Daily Quests to get the items you need to unlock her photo!