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The Walks is the only surviving 18th century town walk in Norfolk. The History The Walks are an important area in the national context, rather than merely a local one, and in were deated by English Heritage as a grade II historic park. Parks laid out as formal pleasure and recreation grounds only became common in the middle of the 19th Century and generally these are well-defined areas surrounded by residential streets.

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The simple existence of a large cultivated area to the east of the growing town but within the town defencesas late as the 18th Century, is itself an unusual circumstance, and the topography that allowed it is itself unusual. This adds to its cultural ificance.

Girl running at south gate park

Some of the panels will show the view from each window as it would have been in centuries past; a fascinating way to see how Lynn has changed around the South Gate. The Walks is the only surviving 18th century town walk in Norfolk.

As a historic landscape developed over two and a half centuries, The Walks is an important part of the cultural and social history of both the town and the region there are no known similar sites within gwte county. Differing flows and depths of water offer different habitats in various parts of the site and fish and waterfowl are dependent on this element.

The Red Mount area reverted to a Walk only.

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Being able to carry a pistol in its holster down Pacific Blvd to the Sporting goods store, forgot rujning name, that had an indoor shooting range. This project is to modernise and improve the way information about the building is presented, and make it more attractive and engaging to visitors. The Red Mount bastion and Vancouver Garden. James Park. During the period of demolition of the town walls in the Guannock Gate was demolished, to be re-erected as a landscape feature in The structure was originally a minor entrance to the walled town and was a focal point of the New Walk from c.

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It is one of he few ornamental structures visible from the Recreation Ground. East of Gannock Gate ran a track across even more marshy ground in Gaywood parish, destined to become the Extension Walk, and it must have been with the passing of the Paving Acts that the resolution to continue development of The Walks as a civic-controlled and planned exercise was formalised.

The Walks is also of ificance in the following ways: As a semi-deed landscape it offers potential for quiet enjoyment and appreciation of aesthetic quality. As a raised platform it is an important visual element of the Seven Sisters Walk and helps to restrict views Girl running at south gate park residential development to the south from the north section of the Walk. White Front Stores A buck to get in and you could dance all night.

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Potential for enjoyment and appreciation of cultural history is further extended by a range of additional elements which relate to earlier periods archaeology, listed structures, etc. Used for rjnning of bedding plants and offers opportunity for sponsored displays of planting. We advanced to a battle of the bands held in a Hollywood night club which is now a comedy night club. The model, if there was one, came from the parks surrounding runing Century country houses. In the land south of Girl running at south gate park Broad Walk Extension was opened to the public, followed by the land north of it in Displays of replica furniture, clothes and objects will bring the history of the South Gate to life; younger ppark can even try on replica helmets for a taste of life as a defender of this ancient gateway.

The proposal was undertaken in the s, complete with an octagonal bandstand, but not yet with a spur of water taken from the rivulet to turn it into an island. The land of the Walks is important in flood control. Girrl

These gates were only removed in the Second World War. Extensively enjoyed by visitors using seats around the path, which circuits it. HUGE bouncers.

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By a continuous tree-lined avenue extended from Thomas Street in the south to Wyatt Street in the north, a distance of 1, metres 1, yards. Aesthetically, the water is particularly important in certain areas e. The structure is unique. I remember the street being named 26th St.

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In the railway bought land for expansion the new station is ofremoved the bridge connecting the north and south areas of Runnig Walks, and left the northern half to fairly speedy encroachment and obliteration. In it was even larger than now. Oh yea and sunglasses. Entry is free. No other historic public landscape has yet been identified which contains avenues spanning the date range of those in The Walks.

We drove across the dirt over to Bandini Blvd.

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James Park and dominates the short St. Parks laid out as formal pleasure and recreation grounds only became common in the middle of the 19th Century and generally these are well-defined areas surrounded by residential streets. Byif not before, the walk was raised up for drainage and gravelled, and bounded on both sides by a hawthorn hedge with trees at intervals.

Girl running at south gate park

Gannock Gate seems to have been taken down also, but rebuilt as a picturesque ruin in Consisting of Lime, Horse Chestnut and Plane trees, the site takes its name from these dominant features. This proposal was undertaken in s, complete with an octagonal bandstand. The railway was particularly intrusive, for the tracks bisected the Walks, isolating the northern half, which was at first maintained, with rhnning bridge over the tracks.

Delivering Chicken Delite chicken, in a 3-speed Rambler and stopping at Taco Bell on Florence to hang out and parrk the parties! The upper chapel of has a fan vaulted roof, further decorated with quatrefoils which inspired the de of the pilgrimage trail plaque. The renovations saw the island re-instated and developed, where the rivulet takes water from the Gaywood River to run around to outside edge of the garden.

Girl running at south gate park

In the Corporation bought the common land east of the walls and in Gannock Gate was re-erected as a landscape feature, having been demolished in It was intended specifically for sport and other physical recreation, rather than more passive promenading, a concern affecting most local authorities towards the end of the 19th Century. Management pxrk the flow of water through the Gaywood River sluices allows a first-line flood defence.

Interactive sluth like a scale xouth, and an activity table where visitors can make brass rubbings will be added. The structure is also an important visual element of the Red Mount and Seven Sisters Walks and forms a natural focus at the meeting of the above four Walks. We also played many events school dances, assemblies etc. The plantation on the right was Seven Sisters, seven trees planted in a circle inmetres yards south of Gannock Gate.