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All of his brothers and sisters were fluffier than him including the mom cat. I continued to look at the other kittens at the shelter. Than found myself going back to all the orange colored kitties. Suddenly, Ludwig was the only one left.

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They got a kick of seeing Carmel in the passenger seat and would loverr her a little dish of vanilla custard, which she promptly devoured. I gave him a bath and wrapped him up in a towel.

But she was the very first and the smartest and expected to live the longest, being the youngest. He was a plwymate gentle cat and never used his claws or teeth.

Can dachshunds live with other dogs?

He would mooch food off of us and was hysterical. He fell asleep in my hand a few minutes later and it was love at first sight. By Wantfd evening, the vet called and was not hopeful of further treatments or medications and even if it did help for a short time, it would reoccur again. I cry now but I know that my tears will turn into tender memories.

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She was friendly to all people and all animals, quite fearless! I started spending a lot of time at my new partner's house and convinced her to let Lola move in. Sometimes you would get carried away and bite at me gently and I didn't like it but you were just playing. I know my sweet Robb is an angel kitty and enjoying getting to eat grass and hard boiled eggs up in kitty heaven.

I got him because counselors said I needed something to hold and to love. TeineyMeiney little fluff ball. Just 7 weeks old. Sadly, her appetite was decreasing and her thirst increasing. They didn't act scared, but were weak and VERY hungry and thirsty.

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The Story of Salem Salem had some unique characteristics to say the least. When Scorpio was 20 years old and it was her time, Herbi was the best caretaker kitty. I was 24 years old and a mum to 9 week old sister pussy cats - my darling fur kids : Micah was my chocolate, spunky, fluff bum. It was love at first sight.

Wanted companion playmate lover friend

Swiss was a very active kitten and very outgoing with Colby following behind him. We asked playmaate hold him, because we wanted to do some behavior tests.

Wanted companion playmate lover friend

She was sweet-natured and liked to take naps with me, and also to play with my fingers in the evening. At 6 years old he was diagnosed with renal failure. We've had to let other pets go, and it never gets easier.

Should i get two dachshunds?

FNY or Postal Attractive, petite Jewish woman, ish, very active, healthy, still working as a psychotherapist. The only veterinarian open was the University of Illinois so I took her there, worried sick.

Wanted companion playmate lover friend

It became a true joke that I had found a cat that loved to agitate my wife as much as I did. FMA or Postal 75, artist and woodworker, retired tech writer, lover of life, sky-gazer, lover of singing and dancing, so-so at bothcurious reader, kind, generous, love to laugh, devoted family member and friend, yoga practitioner, nonsmoker, wide musical interests, nonrabid lefty, inquisitive, physically active, open-minded.

At the time I found it annoying but I will miss that too.

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Chip loved sun bathing by the window in the bedroom, but without fail Wanted companion playmate lover friend we came home we would hear and then see him run to greet us. He was just a special frieend I can't believe within a week Luke was gone. I was trying to get him certified as he would do things for me. I remember how you would roll over from side to side on your back when my wife would say "twirl" and make a circular motion with her hand. My husband has felt her walking on the foot of the bed, and I "see" her in her usual places.

Wanted companion playmate lover friend

We were all each other had and a bond quickly formed. Upset about the direction this country has been going in for a long time.

Mourning the life of a best friend

The vet said that he was in congestive heart failure and had a lot of fluid in his lungs and they would try to see if they could help. Involved in a loving, warm, intellectual, musical synagogue.

FMA or Postal I am a meditation teacher and social activist, born inused to living a meaningful, rich life. I lovre playing by the stairs with you and how you would bat at my hand while I knock on the railing posts.

Wanted companion playmate lover friend