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Weed and serotonin


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This friend is a bit of a qnd but seems to be necessary to prevent the brain from having too much of a good thing.

Long-term pot smokers who have quit cite similar anecdotal evidence about the chronic effects of weed, but scientists have only recently begun understanding what, if anything, it actually does to the brain. It's therefore recommended that if you're anxious or depressed and you use cannabis regularly, you should try giving up and see if that helps.

Little research has been serotoinn into the interaction of cannabis with other types of antidepressantssuch as SSRIs. These side effects can also be caused by certain antidepressants, so using cannabis at the same time can make them worse.

Dopamine cells in turn are innervated and regulated by neighboring inhibitory GABA cells. Yasmin Tayag Related Tags. Friend et al.

Chronic marijuana use might lead to unnaturally high dopamine levels in the brain by messing with GABA neurons. And too much of those pleasurable feelings, scientists have seroronin, is what le to addiction.

In a study on mice published Monday in the journal JNeurosciscientists report that long-term marijuana use does indeed change the brain. Does cannabis interact with antidepressants or lithium? Woody Harrelson, a long-term marijuana user, said he quit because it made him emotionally unavailable.

Miley Cyrus has put her pot-smoking days behind her so her brain would be more "clear. Those changes led dopamine to linger in the VTA longer than usual, which caused an abnormally drawn-out feeling of reward.

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There's little evidence to suggest that people who use cannabis should normally not take lithium, but this hasn't been properly researched. As the researchers observed these cells in teen mice over their THC-filled week, they saw that the ability of the GABA neurons to regulate dopamine faltered as Weed and serotonin trial went on.

Further information:. Abstract: The ventral tegmental area VTA is necessary for reward behavior with dopamine cells critically involved in reward aling. There's a risk that using cannabis while you're on any of these medicines could lead to problems such as tachycardia, even if you don't already have a heart condition.

Weed and serotonin

The cells are named for the type of neurotransmitter they pick seotonin — GABA, short for gamma-aminobutyric acid — which is well-known for its inhibitory properties. There's also a risk of other side effects, such as confusion, restlessness, mood swings and hallucinations.

Weed and serotonin

Imagine GABA as the high-strung friend who becomes anxious when the rest of the group has too much fun. Getting advice If you have any concerns about the medicines you're taking, talk to your GP or pharmacist.

Weed and serotonin

But, as it turns out, GABA neurons can be incapacitated, too. LTD was absent in CB1 knock-out mice, but preserved in heterozygous littermates.